Comply With All Necessary Laws

Understand all the necessary laws, rules, and regulation with these ultimate legal guide.

Registered As Money Service Business

You must register your business in Money Service Business (MSB) Registering on Money Service Business is based on your business types. You must register with a financial crime enforcement network. You must comply with anti-money laundering laws. You must comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) law.

Must Comply With Skilled Based Contest Laws

You should know all about the skill-based contest game or chances-based game laws before setting up the sweepstakes gaming system. You must comply with all the skill-based contest gaming laws, chances-based gaming system laws, and more gaming systems.

Comply With No Purchase Necessary Laws

You should know about "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY LAWS" You must comply with "SWEEPSTAKES" and "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY LAWS" You should comply with all the necessary federal or state laws, rules, and regulations.

Must Comply with Sweepstakes Laws

There are different rules and regulations regarding sweepstakes and contest gaming business. You should comply with all the necessary rules, regulations, and laws of the sweepstakes/contest gaming system.

Must Comply With AML/KYC Law

You must know and comply with AML/KYC laws. If you have a website, you must have a privacy policy, terms of use, cookie policy page. Your site should comply with GDPR and CCPA compliance. You should have secure tracking software for AML/KYC Compliance.

Must Comply With All Federal And State Laws

You should comply with all the federal or state laws and regulations to run a skill-based or chance-based sweepstakes gaming system. You should be familiar with and comply with all the sweepstakes gaming laws. There are different laws for online and offline gaming systems.