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A raging fire is one of the most popular and interactive fish hunter arcade game boards that is placed on the top of the Ocean King 3 fish table. This game has all the features and functionalities of fish hunter games with all necessary weapons. This gaming table allows multiple users to play simultaneously. You can use joystick and push buttons to fire weapons to increase points on 55inch large 4k display panel. There are individual control panel and points readers to track the action of individual player. It is a eight seat multi-player gaming system where maximum of eight player can play simultaneously.

Raging fire is an orginal igs skill based gaming system that brought the real world experiences to all the players. You can set up these game on anywhere like gaming room, internet cafe, gaming studion, shopping mall, and many other stores. Here you can get all the gaming system and software required to run the Racing fire game. This game can be configured as the casino style transaction based on the your local rules and regulation.

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raging fire

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