Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You have a business, and we have an interactive sweepstakes gaming system that we provide to you on a small weekly fee. You just need to take some time on choosing the game that you love and join the membership program to fill up the given leasing form so that we could learn more about you and your business. That’s it. We will do the rest of the things for you.

You should have a registered business and should have all the legal papers and documents required to run the sweepstakes gaming system.

We lease our games to the business owner who wants to entertain their customer with our interactive gaming system. To lease our games, you need to choose what gaming system you like and make contact with our sales team.

We handle the rest of the things from building to installing in your local store. There is no initial start-up cost. We provide our games on lease.

Once our agreement is finalized, the details of your orders will be sent to our supply teams for review, and this review process can take up a maximum of 4-7 days. After that, you have to wait until our teams deliver the system in your area.

Operators will be responsible for complying with all legalities as well as maintaining the sweepstakes properly. You must have your own bank to start, you won’t need much in most cases. We offer easy-to-use tutorials that can guide you thru the entire setup.

Sales Questions

We start our delivery process as soon as the agreement and your orders have been finalized. A physical product will be shipped as soon as possible, and a digital product will be instantly downloadable using IOS and android app. You will be charged for the cancellations or ship back of the product or if you return our product with breach of contract.

For customer support, we have our WhatsApp support channels for servicing your points. sending login details of our program, Pos register, and account activating details. We also have a supply channels teams that you can contact at any time if you encounter any problems during our contract period. Additionally, we have 24/7 phone support.

You don’t need to worry about shipping and installation. We handle all the installation processes. We send our specialized teams to install our physical product, and for our digital product, you can have a call to our teams. It simply takes around 2-7 business days for complete installation.

The payment and Reporting process is super simple and straightforward. A complete report and invoice will be sent to you at the last of the month. You can use any payment gateway to pay our lease fee.